What tailor-made private tour Rijksmuseum did we do?

Today, I had another tailor-made private tour in the Rijksmuseum. The guests and I met in a boutique hotel downtown Amsterdam. We traveled with the comfortable streetcar towards the Rijksmuseum. Using the Fast Lane entrance we were amongst the first visitors of Rembrandt’s impressive Nightwatch.


The massive group portrait called the Night Watch shows 22 members of a militia preparing for battle. I explained the idea of Rembrandt’s chiaroscuro and the revolutionary composition of this group portrait. Rembrandt spent almost four years to complete his masterwork. The Nightwatch is currently under renovation while in the Gallery of Honour in the Rijksmuseum. The guests enjoyed 5 other Rembrandt paintings including the lamenting Jeremiah. You can find Jeremiah in the picture in this blog.

Johannes Vermeer

We also were able to see other masterpieces from the Dutch Golden Age. The guests enjoyed the serene Kitchen Maid from Johannes Vermeer before the big crowds had the chance to restrict our view. This great artist paints a few elements to the uppermost detail. The Kitchen Maid explains about the Calvinistic virtues in a daily life setting. My guests also enjoyed the Street of Vermeer and the Woman Reading a Letter.

Frans Hals

We also admired some portraits of Frans Hals. This artist from Haarlem had the ability to paint his clients in a totally natural way. The Merry Drinker and also the Marriage Portrait of Isaac Massa and Beatrice van der Laan are the most famous Hals’ paintings in the Rijksmuseum. My guests were amazed to hear the etymology of the word ‘honeymoon’.

Other Dutch Masters in the Rijksmuseum

My guests enjoyed as well the so called genre painting. Everyday life scenes with symbolic messages hidden in the painting. One of the masters of genre painting is Jan Steen, who’s masterpiece the Feast of Saint Nicholas explains a Dutch tradition existing for ages. And yes, this is where Santa Claus found its origin.

Also, we related the historical objects from the Dutch Golden Age with other countries in the same era. We saw paintings related to the early days of New York. In 1631 the Dutch bought the island of Manahata (correct, this is Manhattan now) for 60 guilders from the native Americans and called it New Amsterdam. We saw objects of Dutch explorers in the Arctic, Australia and former colonies like Indonesia and Ceylon.

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Need more information about the Rijksmuseum?

The Rijksmuseum has the biggest collection of paintings of Rembrandt in the world. All practical information can be found on https://www.rijksmuseum.nl/en .